Historically, La Duquesa was a holiday town popular with residents from nearby Algeciras and Gibraltar, in addition to having one of the largest communities of UK and Irish nationals. In recent years this region has diversified significantly, and there are now significant communities from other countries, such as Belgium, Germany, France and Italy, among others.

The key attractions of La Duquesa are found mainly along the beach. This region includes the lively town of Sabinillas, where there are numerous shops and chiringuitos, located along a beachfront promenade. The marina of Puerto de La Duquesa contains several restaurants and is an area where you will find entertainment during the summer months. Next to the marina, we find the picturesque fishing town of La Duquesa “proper”, situated next to the castle and the impressive Roman ruins of baths, houses and factories for processing fish and manufacturing garum. This is an excellent place for eating fresh seafood and sightseeing.

On the upper side of La Duquesa, north of the A-7 road, we find La Duquesa Golf Club, which is surrounded by villas and residential developments benefitting from views of the fairways and the sea. Further north, there is also the historic town of Manilva, a traditional “pueblo blanco” surrounded by vineyards of the famous Manilva grape. At the end of every summer there is a local public holiday to celebrate the wine harvest, with concerts, parties and cultural events.

La Duquesa is currently one of the most up-and-coming areas in Spain because of considerable demographic pressure from Estepona and Sotogrande, as well as its having numerous plots near the beach that are available for development. In fact, over the past few years prices have increased more in La Duquesa than in other areas along the coast.


La Duquesa